Discover holistic wellness and personal growth with Marie Coaching, where Reiki Karuna and tailored coaching guide you to thrive.

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Reiki Karuna

Elevate your journey to optimal health and fulfillment. Wellness transcends mere absence of illness; it embodies a transformative process towards mental and physical vitality.

Experience the profound benefits of Reiki sessions, fostering holistic well-being, alleviating discomfort, and enhancing inner resilience.


Health & Wellness Coaching

Unlock the path to a superior quality of life through prioritizing optimal wellness. Our approach acknowledges the profound interconnection between well-being, actions, and emotions, empowering you to conquer stress, minimize illness, and cultivate positivity.

Our services encompass:

1. Pain management
2. Weight loss: Mindset-focused strategies
3. Goal setting for sustained success within a six-month timeframe.


Discover Your Potential: Wellness Coaching & Mentorship

Unlock your true potential by aligning with your unique human design. Optimal wellness permeates every aspect of life—your environment, career, beliefs, self-care, and more—propelling you towards a life of passion and purpose. Book a health mentoring session to elevate your journey. Enjoy a complimentary first session, followed by affordable rates of £25.00 per hour or £250.00 for a comprehensive 12-session package, providing three months of dedicated guidance and support.